Monday, March 9, 2009

Udupi Cafe

Tonight the Meet up group met at Udupi Cafe on Sunrise. There were about 9 of us tonight. This is a vegetarian Indian restaurant and very good. I've blogged about this place before so check out Catherine's blog for a more extensive review and pictures~MUNCHIE MUSINGS.
Sue and I ordered a lot of food ( more than anyone else) simply because we wanted to try so many different dishes. Most of it we shared with the rest of the table and brought home. Everything like I said was very tasty but I thought it needed more heat, it wasn't hot (spicy) enough for me. I did miss the meat, at least I would have liked some chicken but it is a very satisfying meal.
I had a good time, always do with this group of people, plus dinner was relatively inexpensive considering all we had.
I'd go back again.

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