Monday, March 9, 2009


With the economy the way it is I sometimes need to transfer money from our savings to our checking account and vice a versa. I got charged an over use fee! 10 bucks!!! Now, if I had gone into the bank and made these transfers there would have been no charge.. isn't that what online banking is supposed to be for, convenience? Why should I have to run down to the bank to transfer money if I can just do it online? I called customer service to ask this and was told I can only make X number of transfers from my saving account but there is no limit from my checking account. Now that makes no sense to me, if I can transfer funds any number of times from my checking account what is the difference if I make the same number from my savings? It is just irritating.. I'm going to the bank tomorrow and complain to them in person and I'm sure that the bank will reverse the charges.. customer service on the phone wouldn't do anything except to tell me they could send me the rules regarding what I can and can't do with my savings account.
I think that's ridiculous.. my money, I should be able to move it back and forth every 2 minutes if that's what I want to do.

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