Monday, March 9, 2009


-So much for sleeping through the night. Back from Reno and again the dogs are hogging the bed, which is OK except for the 12:30 am wake up call for potty time. The worst was Duke our huge 26lb cat. He was love deprived and wanted to be close to me. If he would only lay down and go to sleep but NO he has to sit on my chest (it hurts) and knead in his happy happy style and meow the whole time. Plus he has a need to wash or kiss me.. so in the middle of the night I have this cat crushing my chest, kneading his claws into me making noise and trying to clean my face with that rough tongue. I pushed him off of me who knows how many times so I could get some sleep only to have him jump back on top of me just as I was dozing off. I guess he finally got tired of getting kicked off the bed and settled down on top of me and went to sleep. At least it was just him. Taz was still at the vets so we didn't have any confrontations on top of me. Usually Taz sleeps on my shoulder and Duke on my chest and every so often Duke takes a swipe at Taz and Taz retaliates... great when your sleeping and the cats are on top of you having a spat.. I think I need to go back to Reno or maybe into the other bedroom to get away from all of this nonsense.

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Unknown said...

OMG. This is so funny! I can definitely relate. And I thought my cats were a pain!

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