Friday, March 14, 2014

Mariscos Las Islitas

 Been in a rut.. not been to a new restaurant (new to me anyway) for a long time.  Finally, we tried this Mariscos Las Islitas.  It was delicious.  A Mexican restaurant located on 24th Street in back of a strip mall.  In the kind of sketchy  Meadowview neighborhood.. if you don't look for this place you'd never find it.  There is no decor to speak of a few Corona and Budweiser signs and four flat screen TV's, two playing some kind of Mexican game show..which was entertaining and two playing NOVA in Spanish.  There are booths  along either all, one was so wobbly that we had to move and non descript tables in the middle of the room.
But.. the food was outstanding which is my book is all that matters.
To start off they bring you shrimp ceviche and a bowl of lime wedges instead of the usual chips and salsa.  Good ceviche.  Though it would have been better with home made chips rather than the basket of already made tostada shells and saltines, yes I'm nit picking.  Really the ceviche was good enough to make up for the tostada shells.  Note: you get Styrofoam plates and plastic forks.

For appetizers I ordered the oysters on the half shell which while good caused me a little concern since the oysters were not ice cold..more like a little colder than room temperature.  Sue ordered the mussels, which were over cooked and we couldn't figure out what the flavoring was on them.  To me it tasted like canned whole clams.. not good.
The entree was the Mocahete.. a giant Mocahete filled to over flowing  with large head on prawns, snow crab legs, octopus and shrimp and I'm not sure what else.  Very very flavorful.  We asked for some tortillas to scoop up all that sauce.  Yes, they need better napkins because this is one messy dish, and there is no way to eat it without getting your hands dirty. 

There are several other dishes we are going to try on our next trip.
All in all a very good experience and the price is great.

Mariscos Las Islitas
7240 24th Street
Sacramento  CA  95822
916  421-6271

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