Sunday, November 10, 2013

Le Jarre

I want to share with you all a wonderfully deliciously sinful discovery created by my talented nephew, Austin Cheung and his equally talented friend, Betty Noeme…

They call it Le Jarre~"happiness in a jar"…I call it yummy decadence in a jar!  They've  created a clever way of presenting their deliciously baked cheesecake & soufflé into cute little jars, which can be ordered in 2 different sizes…So far, I've only sampled the cheesecakes. There's a whole assortment of flavors, i.e creme, citron, cafe, etc…you need to check their website to view the complete list, So far my favorites (& it's hard to decide!) are citron (wonderful, subtle tart lemon),  cafe (coffee with gently crushed beans) & cinderella (pumpkin & spices & everything nice!)

The recipe for their cheesecake is their own. They are light and not overly sweet. The creme is plain-flavored and comes with a sauce…the sauce I tried that day was apricot & it was heavenly!!!

I highly recommend you try it…with the holiday season upon us, these gems makes perfect gifts whether for your  hostess or friends!

I can hardly wait to try their soufflé!!!!

Bon appétit!

Yours truly, Karen

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