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Here is the 2nd Twitter contest recipe from @Rick_Bayless

Rst 1#tomtllos,1 on,3 grlc,3 serranos;puree;sear n oil 2 thkn;simr w 2c broth,.5c crema.Oil,micrwv 12 torts,roll w rstd veg,sauce, chs, bake.

Follow him on Twitter, make the recipe and send a picture in to
He will pick the top 10 winners and they will receive a signed copy of his new cookbook Fiesta at Rick's.

Well, I have to say this was not as straight forward as the first recipe. I really wasn't sure what to stuff the enchilada with if you puree all the roasted vegetables. So, here is what I did. I roasted the vegetables, pureed half of them and the other half I put into a food processor and pulsed until it was just chopped. I did the onions first then added the tomatillos and garlic and chilies since they were already soft. Just a couple of pulsed did the trick. I rolled these vegetables in the tortillas with some of the cheese and then covered with the sauce (the pureed vegetables, broth and crema) , covered with cheese. Baked until bubbly.
It is only mistake was thinking I had corn tortillas at home and didn't buy any, come to find out they were flour. It would have been much better with corn tortillas.
Another thing is that I reduced the amount of crema in half. This still left me with enough left over to make another pan of enchiladas. I froze the left over sauce..I hope that works.

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Looks delicious Eileen!!

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