Monday, July 19, 2010


Rick Bayless is having a contest on Twitter for the next 4 weeks. He is Twittering a 140 character recipe every Monday and you will need to send in a picture of your finished recipe to by midnight the following Saturday. To get the recipes weekly you will need to follow Rick Bayless at @Rick_Bayless on Twitter. Rick will be giving away signed copies of his new cookbook Fiesta at Rick's with each recipe.
I thought it would be fun to post the recipes in Twitter speak and let you decipher it. If you make the recipe please leave a comment as to how it turned out and how you liked it. You can also e-mail me a picture and after the 4 weeks and the contest is over I will blog all pictures of the recipes.

This is the first recipe: Creamy Chicken and Greens with Roasted Poblanos

" Sear 1.25# bnls chix brst; cool, cube. Brn 1 onion,add 3 grlc,2 poblanos (rstd,pld,slcd),6 oz chard,1c broth,1c crema.Boil2 thickn.Add chix "

Let me just say that this recipe is delicous and fast and easy. All ingredients are easily found at most grocery stores.

Rick Bayless

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Unknown said...

Oh my! That looks great...and a nice project too!

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