Sunday, July 18, 2010


One of Summer's best friends was having her bridal shower this weekend. Tianna wanted to create a cake for Erin as her gift to her. She found one of my cake decorating books and decided she wanted to do something fancy. Luckily she found a cake shaped like dice. This was perfect since Erin and John's "save the date" cards had a gambling theme to it.
Now, I had never worked with fondant before other than to make flowers so this was going to be a challenge. At least this was just a square cake so it was nothing too intricate, A good first cake. We went and bought all the material for the cake and Tianna did the rest. She baked, frosted, and decorated the cake all herself. I just was there to lend a helping hand and I did cover the cake with the fondant after she rolled it out. It's not perfect but like I said it was my first time too. I'm sure that Tianna will be able to do that on the next cake she bakes. She has the hang of the fondant now.
I'm really proud of the way the cake turned out and what an excellent job Tianna did. Everyone at the shower was very impressed.
Here is the chronicle of the making of a master piece.

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E Baby said...

The cake was my favorite gift of all. The gift of a personalized cake in itself is unique, yet thoughtfully catered to an individual - priceless!
Tianna is creative, cool, and extremely thoughtful! It's one of those cakes thats SO cute you don't want to eat it!!! Equally as the cake is so cool, the cake is delicious!!! Thank you Tianna, I love you very much! You made the day extra special! :)

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