Monday, July 26, 2010


This is the 3rd Twitter recipe from @Rick_Bayless. This looks like a great summer recipe.

8oz slicd raw scallops+1c grapefrt j:45 min.Drain;blend 2/3c juice,1-2 chipotles,4 rstd grlc,2T br sgr.Mix w scal, red on,trop fruit,jicama

I'll be making it later this week and will post the picture when I do. I made it and I have to say Make this recipe!!! It is the best ceviche I've had. I used papaya but you can use mango or pineapple. I for got the jicama but it was fine. I used some cilantro in there also and also some lime juice. If you don't like grapefruit you can use a combination of orange juice and and lime juice. You can also substitute fish or cooked shrimp or a combination in place of the scallops.
This is a great recipe for a hot day, cool and refreshing.. so good!

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