Monday, June 28, 2010


I finally made it to one of Mulvaney's family dinners and I'm glad it was this one. Nose to tail family meal. This was the first thing we saw when we walked up..leg of beef cooking on the grill and boy did it smell good.
We got there a little early so it wasn't too crowded yet but it got super packed and loud! That was my only complaint the noise. We were seated at a table of 7 with a great group of people.
The first course was Hearts and Minds-grilled Mongolian beef heart and crispy fried sweetbread nuggets over bitter greens with a champagne vinaigrette. The sweetbreads were the best I've had. The heart was like eating roast beef.. very good.
Second course was the Beef shank pasta pillows w/toasted garlic,ripe tomatoes and shaved Grana. Tender slow cooked beef shank stuffed into tender pasta with a fresh tomato "sauce" and the shaved Grana an Italian hard cheese. It was delicious.
Back of the package was the main course-leg slowly roasted
over wood, sausage, chimichuri, Del Rio cucumber salad and black beans/corn. The beef was cooked a perfect rare, the sausage was good and spicy. Everything was wonderful. The dinner was all you can eat so we had several plates of the beef as well as the other dishes.
Dessert was a little weird but it was OK. A Valrhona chocolate pudding thickened with bulls blood, Collins blackberries,whipped cream and tail of the cow shortbread cookies. The chocolate pudding had a background after bite of chilies, it was pretty good, you'd never know it was thickened with blood. I think it would have been better if it were colder. It just had too runny a consistency, I would have liked it a little thicker. The shortbread was good, basic shortbread cookies shaped like a cow's tail.Dinner was wonderful and I'm hoping I can do another one soon.

Mulvaney's Building and Loan
1215 19th St
916 441-6022

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Ally said...

Sounds interesting! We've gone to a few of the Mulvaney's favorite ones are the "whole" roasts-- pig, lamb, goat. They're so delicious! :)

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