Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I thought it was a good day to barbecue some ribs. Since there is only 2 of us I did one rack. I cut it half and seasoned it with garlic powder, season salt and pepper. I always stack my ribs away from the coals. This way they baste themselves. Every 20 min. or so I rotate my stack, moving the bottom rack to the top.
Just let them cook slowly until almost done then I brush them with barbecue sauce and let them cook some more rotating the stack as usual and brushing with sauce every time I rotate them. You can stack about 3 or 4 racks of ribs without them falling over.
After they have cooked through I put them directly over the coals to caramelize the barbecue sauce.And there you have the juiciest self basted delicious ribs.

I found this barbecue sauce today at the grocery store. I think I've found the best bottled sauce. I've tried almost every one on the market and haven't really liked any of them all that much. But this one is great, not too sweet or vinegary and it has a slight spice to it.. perfect. This will be my go to sauce when I'm too lazy to make my own sauce.


Unknown said...

Grilldave is jealous!

AndreaQ said...

These look awesome! I buy the same brand of bbq sauce only I buy the "hot & spicy" version. I agree it's one of the better ones on the market. It gives an extra little kick!

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