Friday, May 15, 2009

Shady Lady and the Free Badge Serenaders

I was going to blog about Greg's (Saceats) duo's performance last night at the Shady Lady Saloon but, I couldn't hear them. The bar is all brick work and wooden floor which makes it very noisy.
At first we were at a booth right next to the little stage and I joked with Greg he may have to turn down the speakers. A booth opened up behind us so we moved back a spot. I guess we should have stayed where we were. Maybe the people sitting at the bar or across the room got better sound since that is the way the sound system was directed, we were on the side. So, I'm sorry to say I know they play great music but I can't tell you anything about the performance last night other than to say Greg and Pat looked like they were having fun up there.
We ran into Jenny and Phil and a couple of their friends and shared our booth with them so it turned out to be a great evening. I'll have to catch the Serenader's some other time in a more quiet venue.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you guys, and thanks for sharing the booth. The acoustics in that place leave something to be desired...but the band was great!


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