Monday, April 13, 2009


As if there wasn't enough excitement on Easter, Tianna's cat had her kittens. Apparently she was acting funny early in the morning so Summer put her in her box in the closet and comforted her. Around 5 am Pawla went into labor, Summer became her labor coach. She said she stroked her head and sympathized with her and showed her how to .breath, whoo whoo whoo.. what other cat has a birthing coach? The kittens are born still in the sac and Summer didn't know what to do about that so Kobie is on the computer at 5 in the morning finding out what to do. It turns out that mamma cat eats the sack that encloses the kitten so it doesn't suffocate and there is no mess.. gross but you have to admit it is efficient. We thought that was it 2 little kittens.. but by 11 there were 8 of them! They are so tiny and cute and Pawla Smith is a very good mommy

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