Monday, April 13, 2009


This was the first Easter I've gotten to spend in Poway with the family. It started early, around 7:00am Lana and Tianna were up and so everyone else was too. We gathered in Summer's room (I'm sure it thrilled Kobie to no end ) to watch Lana check out her Easter baskets. At noon we were supposed to go to Summer and Kobie's best friends house for lunch and and Easter egg hunt... the famous Easter egg hunt. So after playing for a while with Easter toys we had to make some salads and a 7 layer dip to take over to Tony's.

Lana didn't have the strength to blow hard enough to make the whistle quack so she just made grunting sounds herself.

The famous Easter egg hunt. Tony and Kobie put out dozens of plastic eggs hidden all over the back yard. The eggs contain anything from coins to candy to dollar bills, peanut butter, chocolate chips (which usually melt), rice, flour, and yes Tianna did find a maxi pad. Good thing she found it or someone was going to have to explain that to the younger kids. Also there were lots of funny notes in eggs also. As you can see the kids got tons of candy and money.. Tianna came away with about $9.00 and a huge bag of candy, not bad for an Easter egg hunt.
When we first got to Tony and Marissa's home there were Mimosas, the 7 layer dips that Kobie made, baked Brie.. tried not to eat too much since there was lunch after the egg hunt.
Lunch was after the egg hunt..Marissa baked a turkey and there was also a ham, mashed and scalloped potatoes, our chicken salad, green bean casserole, bread, and probably more food that I'm forgetting. Everything was delicious and of course wine..lots of wine : )
Desert was cheesecake ...groan...
Tianna and Justin wanted to go swimming, it was pretty cool out but they did jump in for about a minute and that was it. Some of the neighborhood boys also came over and also swam. The rest of us just hung out and played with the babies. It was a very nice relaxing day.
Later that evening we had to catch our plane back to reality.

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