Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night Sue and I had to go to Costco so we stopped by Burgers and Brew a new spot along the R street corridor. I think it just opened up last week but I'm not sure. It is the 2nd Burgers and Brew pub for the same people who have Crepeville. The first one is in Davis. The restaurant is wood and brick with some interesting pictures that give the place a pop of color.
They have a pretty extensive selection of beers, but I thought they would have a more diverse selection. The menu consists of burgers (of course), fish and chips, various other sandwiches and salads.
Both Sue and I had had the Bacon Jalapeno burger.. a nice juicy Nieman Ranch beef patty with Nieman Ranch bacon, mayo,pepper jack cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato and jalapenos peppers. I ordered mine rare and it came out about medium rare but it was a really good burger, maybe just a little too much lettuce. I wanted the beer battered onion rings but they were out so I had the curly fries which were good. Sue ordered her burger medium rare and I think it came out that way, I didn't hear any complaints about it being over cooked. She had the garlic fries which were also good. They also had a choice of regular fries and cheese fries. The wait staff was friendly and service was prompt. Our server wasn't much help on beer selection only because she wasn't 21 yet so didn't know much about the different beers. I think that was the only drawback, if you have any questions about various beers or styles at least our server couldn't answer my questions and didn't seem inclined to go find out the answer. I think the next time I'm going to have just the plain burger so I can actually taste the meat without all the distractions of jalapenos and pepper cheese etc. It was good though, I ended up eating the whole thing.
We shared a Nutella cheesecake for desert.. I had a bite I was just too full. It was good but not anything outstanding. Oh..the pickle was great.. it was actually crunchy, not one of those limp spears you usually get. That clinched it. Here are some pictures

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Unknown said...

Looks very delicious. Were their onion rings house made?

Strange that the server didn't know about beer..I mean, it's called Burgers and BREW! If the name was Burgers and'd hope they'd know where the bacon comes from (as in pig).

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