Thursday, April 16, 2009


Took an Indian Cooking class tonight with Shankari at the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op. As usual it was a great class and the food was delicious. I especially liked the Date Milkshake. Shankari said it would make a great breakfast drink and I'm inclined to agree.
Obviously I need to loose about 20lbs so I thought this might be a good drink.. at least it would be healthy. It consists of dates, milk, raw almonds and cardamom. Blend all together and there you have it. Dates are good for you, almonds and milk are supposed to help with weight loss so we shall see. I think I'll use soy milk and maybe a little yogurt. I figured it would be a better and healthier breakfast than left overs from the previous nights dinner. So, we shall see how it goes.. It tastes great so I know I will drink it. Couldn't hurt right?


Ms. Munchie said...

They do date shakes when you tour the date farms down near Palm Dessert. Stupidly, though, they sell double hump camel dolls. Mideast camels are single hump dromedaries. Double humps come from Mongolia/China.

Unknown said...

Hi back! :)

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Did you make it for breakfast today ?:)

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