Sunday, March 22, 2009


We went to our friends Jeff and Catherine's home last night for his annual wild game feed. We normally would go to Wakanora Japanese restaurant but it has since closed, but the chef is a good friend and cooked for us at Jeff"s. There were about about 12 of us for dinner. Catherine had prepared some appetizers but we were all trying to avoid eating them because we knew what we were in store for. First course was the Egg drop soup

Teriyaki goose skewers (I found a BB in mine, luckily I didn't bite into it!)

Tonkatsu abalone w/ Tonakatsu sauce (breaded and fried abalone)
Lettuce wrap duckCrispy Duck

Mixed Vegetables
Salt Baked Goose w/jalapenos

Mushroom with duck legs
Lemon pheasant

Szechuan duck

Chow mien

Plus there was white rice and fried rice, I didn't get a picture of the fried rice, I think I was in a food coma by then. All this food! This is just the dishes on our side of the table, James had the same dishes for the other half of the table too! For only 12 people! After all this, Catherine also had lemon meringue pie and white chocolate dipped strawberries! OMG! We all literally rolled out of there. Now the amazing part is what all this food was made on.

This is the kitchen

All this wonderful food was made in this make shift kitchen with one burner and 2 woks! The food just kept coming out right on time. About the time you finished with one dish the next came does he do that in such a primitive kitchen?? That is a great chef.

Chef James

James Wong (916) 233-8386

If your interested in having a wild game feed or just a awesome Chinese dinner give James a call.


Unknown said...

Wow..what a truly fabulous meal. Wow. It would have been exciting to watch the chef.

Eileen and Karen said...

I know, wasn't that amazing? I was too busy eating to think about watching him cook : )

cakegrrl2007 said...

OMG. That's really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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