Saturday, February 7, 2009

Birthday Dinner at Tre

Four generations.. It was my mother's birthday the other day so we took her to dinner tonight. It turned out to be a girls night out. My mother, my sister, myself, my granddaughters and daughter (holding the baby). I decided on Tre since it had a little bit of everything, seafood for T, lamb for my mother and a lot in between for the rest of us. We had one of the VIP rooms that rents out for $300.00 a night when Tre becomes a nightclub, I think after 10p.m. Which was nice since we were the only ones in that little room. It had a table in the middle and a couple of couches along 2 walls plus I think 4 flat screen TVs along the walls flashing all sorts of colorful psychedelic pictures that kept Lana fascinated. The couches were also great when she got tired of sitting in the high chair she was able to crawl around on there. For my mother it was too loud but she thought the room was fascinating also. There was a drape we could have drawn if we so chose, but we left it open so we could see what was going on in the rest of the restaurant.
For some reason tonight service was all confused. We started out placing our drink and appetizer orders with one server then another server came up and wanted to know if we wanted to order drinks. We told her we already had and she wanted to know who we placed it with so we told her and she looked totally confused. After that service went down hill, after a long wait we finally got our drinks and appetizers then our server came back to find out if we had placed our entree orders yet and we had not. We placed that order and when they brought out the salad it was wrong.. so another wait while that was corrected. We had to ask for silverware to eat our salad with, the entrees came out and that was fine. Summer had the Lamb Sliders, I had the Kobe Sliders-which was delicious, my mother had the Lamb Stew, T had 2 bowls of Seafood Chowder and my sister had the Duck Confit Ravioli. My sister was the only one who wasn't too pleased with her choice..and I had to agree. The tomato sauce over powered the taste of the duck.
For desert T had the cotton candy.. lemon lime flavored. A huge plate, she was in heaven. My mother had the Flour less Chocolate cake and loved it.. anything chocolate is right up her alley. My sister and I had the Apple Charlotte which was very good.When the bill came they had charged us for 2 salads and had charged my sister extra for her martini because it was made with Gray Goose, but that's what was on the drink menu. They finally got that corrected . Other than those few screw ups the food was good, maybe going on a Saturday is not a good idea.Kobe Sliders
Duck Confit Ravioli
Lamb Stew

Lamb sliders

Lana and T out clubbing

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Great looking family Eileen!

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