Sunday, January 4, 2009


I was at the airport this afternoon, my granddaughter was flying back to San Diego. We were in line for the ticket counter since she was flying as a unaccompanied minor.. long long line. There was a guy in back of me yelling into his cell phone because it seems he was going to miss his plane. Apparently he was talking to someone at Southwest but they were telling him he had to talk to the ticketing agent. Yes, I was ease dropping because he was such an ass. He was assuring whom ever he was talking to that he would be writing letters. Then he proceeded to call his wife and tell her he'd been standing in line for an hour and a half and this never happened with American or United or whatever airline he thought was so great. He was telling her how he was done with this "Ghetto Town" and he just was so put out because he was going to miss his flight, who would think he'd have to stand in line for so long. I so wanted to turn around and tell him the rule of thumb is to get to the airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight and that this is the last day of the holiday season so of course it is going to be busy. He got up to the poor ticket agent which was right next to us and he was ranting and raving about the wait he had and the poor ticket agent reminded him that this was the end of the holiday season and it was always buys and NO, they were not going to comp him for his ticket but they could arrange to put him on the next flight out if there was room, but all flights were booked solid so he would have to go standby. Of course this didn't go over well, he wanted to see everyone up to the president of the United States, of course that didn't fly..He said he would be writing letters, and he was very good at writing letters on and on and on...I wish I had the nerve to tell him where to stick his attitude..everyone else was at the airport early and we were all standing in line just as long as him and If he thought United or American was so great as he professed why the hell didn't he take one of those airlines instead of Southwest. AND maybe, that's why those airlines were in financial trouble, there weren't enough passengers to to have to wait an hour and a half in line to check in.. maybe that's why even though Southwest didn't have the profits this year as last, they aren't going to go belly up any time soon. AND why the hell did you book with Southwest in the first place! One of these days I'm going to turn around and tell someone just what I think! And what was with Ghetto Town? He was flying into Ontario..That's not LAX by a far shot.. I don't consider Ontario any wonder town (no offense to anyone from there ).. I don't know if he got booked onto another flight or they just maybe made him disappear( I would hope) I didn't see him at any of the gates. Plus one of the flights to Ontario was late.. I hope that was his original flight and they booked him on another flight and it was also running late. I hope he had a bunch of stuff in his luggage that was contraband and it further delayed his trip home. OK, not nice.. but he just made me mad.

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