Thursday, January 1, 2009


Again we are celebrating Japanese New Years. This year since Sue wasn't feeling well, she cut down on her big celebration spread plus got some very needed help from her friend Kathy.don't know what she cut down on, as you can see there was tons of food.. she did buy a Chocolate Charlotte for desert rather make her own 3 or 4 deserts.. guess that was cutting down. It was amazing and delicious as always. Here are some pictures of her dishes.crab cakesboiled shrimp and Sunomono Salad
Korean Beef and Cranberry glazed chicken wings

Teriyaki Salmon

Kamabuko- Fish cakesSashimi
Ravioli,for the fondue and squab

Cheese and Spinach Fondue Barasushi-sushi rice,more squab, saladsDennis' Lemon Cream Pie- doesn't that look professional?Chocolate Charlotte from Freeport BakeryAuntie's famous Banana Cream Pie

My Creamy Kaluha Cake

As I said everything was delicious and I'm stuffed. We had a great time as usual. After all this food I then had to go pick up my mother and go over to my aunt's house. They had a whole big spread of food too but I was just too full. I had a glass of champagne and that was enough for me.


Unknown said...

Wowza! Looks fabulous. Happy New Year!

Eileen and Karen said...

Happy New Year to you and Dave! Can you imagine that is cutting down of food?

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Sue calls this cutting down? Oh my :)

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