Friday, December 5, 2008

The Shack

I had read a post by Sac Foodies about the Shack and the Wednesday night sparkling wine tasting.
My girlfriend and I love Champagne and sparkling wines so we thought this would be fun. Sue, Chris and I drove out to the Shack and the evening started rather badly. I have a Suburban and the streets over there in East Sacramento are narrow plus I'm not really great at parallel parking. So.. I'm trying to get into a space right there in front of The Shack.. apparently I kind of bumped the car in back of me, it started honking and lights flashing etc. We saw some people inside watching us which didn't make it any better. I tried again but it just wasn't working and as soon as I got near that car the alarm would go off again. So we decided to find another spot..not to be found. This time Chris said she loves to parallel park.. hey be my guest. Same spot..again as soon as my car got near the other one it started going off! I finally got out of the car and went into The Shack to see who's car that was. It was those people who had been watching us and laughing. They said I did hit the car and I asked them to go out and see if there was any damage, but they said they did when we drove away..guess they thought we were going to hit and run. I had fully intended to find out whose car that was once we got parked somewhere. Chris finally got it parked and we went in and found a table. I think we should have sat at the bar. There was one waiter/bartender, poor guy. He came over and said he's be right with us, about 1/2 an hour later. We ordered, Chris and I had the French Dip (tasty) and Sue had the burger w/ pastrami.
Plus we ordered an appetizer of their cheese and fruit plate. We also ordered the flight of sparkling wine. The first wine came out.. a good half flute of French sparking wine.. then the 2nd a Prosecco from Italy. The we got out food and about half way though our meal the appetizer came out. We kept waiting for our 3rd glass of wine..the waiter was running crazy.. we asked him about it and he said "yeah right" and never came back. Finally we flagged him down again and he thought we just wanted to scam him out of an extra glass of wine. We said no we never got the 3rd. He finally believed us and poured us what, I don't know but it was the best of the 3. I wish I knew what it was..he never did say. All in all I think things would have been better had there been more servers, that poor guy was running. The food is just sandwiches and burgers but they are good.. the sparking wine was good and it's a fun environment. We thought we'd try it again soon. Tuesday nights they have beer tasting. It's a great neighborhood bar/dive/restaurant.

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