Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tonight Sue and I decided to try Tre. Garret at Vanilla Garlic has blogged about this restaurant earlier. At first we didn't know if it was open or not, it was dark. We made a U turn and drove up the valet drive to see what the hours were, OK.. it''s Tuesday they are supposed to be open until 10. We drive up to the valet and ask if they are open and we were assured that they were. We found a parking spot and headed on in.. it was indeed open. The areas we saw ( the bar area) was pretty. We were given a a choice of either the bar area or the actual restaurant area. We opted for the bar area since the Kings ( you gotta support them) were playing and I am a big fan.
We were seated at a 2 top.. small..plus it seemed to slope to the left and I almost slipped out of the seat.. and I hadn't even had a drink yet! It wasn't a comfortable table. I seemed to be adjusting myself so I wouldn't slide out onto the floor all throughout the meal.
We were brought corn bread at the beginning of the meal made like little Madeline's. Cornbread with Feta.. it was good, savory rather than sweet like normal cornbread.
We started with the Fried Risotto and the Chorizo Empanada. Both were excellent

Sue had the Tre Burger and I had the Lamb Sliders. We both loved our dinners. Both were cooked just as we liked.

We ended the meal with desert of course.. I had the Fig Tart and Sue had the Cotton Candy. OK.. who doesn't like Cotton Candy? It was a huge plate of spun sugar and so fun! The Fig Tart was good but it needed to be a little more sweet..the goat cheese in the filling was just too tart...with a little more sugar it would have been really good. I would order the Cotton Candy the next time.Everything was really good.. I would certainly go back. They have a great Cold Bar menu but it was just too cold tonight for cold sea food, though it certainly looked good.

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Unknown said...

OMG...looks and sounds so good. You are just the gal about town...glad I stop by to find out what is happening!

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