Friday, November 28, 2008


Tonight my sister and brother-in -law came up from Oakland and we took my Mom out to dinner. Jeanne (my sister) had heard a lot of good things about Kru,plus it's one of the restaurants listed in Zagat's. Dinner was excellent. My mother's only complaint was that it was too dark and she couldn't read the menu. We started with some Sake -the Wakatake- served ice cold. It was good a surprise to me- I normally don't like Sake. This one was slightly fruity and soft on the palate. Very good. We killed that bottle pretty quickly.. Mom had hot tea and Charlie also had some Sapporo Beer.We started our meal with the J Steet roll-shrimp tempura, snow crab, cucumbers topped with avocado, shrimp, smelt roe, micro greens, spicy cream and garlic cream sauces, Sashimi mix-which is a chef's choice of fish. Actually this was mistake that was delivered to us. We had actually ordered the Delux Sashimi they compted us this delicious dish.
The Deluxe Sushi Mix, everyone dug in so this is what was left by time I got to the camera. I have to say the Sashimi at Kru is the best I've ever had, the fish just melts in you mouth and the wasabi- REAL wasabi is so Delicious.. nothing like the powdered green stuff. My sister and I ordered dinner off the Small Plate menu. Jeanne had the Tempura Green beans- Green and yellow beans with a Miso Aoli.
Jeanne and I also had the Kobe Beef Sashimi- raw Kobe beef topped with ginger, chives, garlic,ponzu,Pink Hawaiian sea salt and seared with hot sesame oil,
We both also ordered the Hamachi Kama- Grilled Hamachi collar with Ponzu sauce.. I have to say this is one of the best dishes I've ever had, I didn't want to share!
I also ordered the Tea Smoked Duck with Pink Hawaiian salt and Miso Mustard Sauce.. it was OK, not great. The Tea Smoked Duck at Lemon Grass is by far a lot better.
Charlie had the 5-Spice duck dish.. I didn't get a taste of that but Charlie thought it was good.My mother is a lamb lover so of course when she saw lamb chops that is what she had to go with. It came with Miso Polenta and Plumb Wine Sauce.. now the Miso Polenta sounded just plain gross, but actually it worked and was good. Guess I didn't get a picture of this dish.. my Mother loved it. Tennis my B-I-L had the True Cod on a Cedar Plank.. which for some reason took forever to get delivered to our table. Maybe we were full at this point but this dish was OK, nothing outstanding. The fish was cooked perfectly and had a mild smokey taste from the Cedar plank but wasn't outstanding in any way.I also after all this ordered the Tesla sushi roll- Soft shell crab,avocado, albacore, salmon, garlic cream sauce, chive.. guess we weren't that full, it went fast before I could get a picture.AND desert... Hey it runs in the family..a must. My Mother and Tennis had the Molten Lava Cake,

Charlie, Jeanne and I had the Fried Cheesecake with Green Tea Ice Cream,and the Fruit Spring Roll.. apple like filling rolled in a egg roll skin and fried, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar with vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of berries.

I guess the Lava Cake was a hit they both inhaled the deserts. The Fried Cheesecake was too much crust and not much cheesecake.. I wanted to ask if it came on a stick.. you know, like at the fair. The Apple Spring Roll, as it were was delicious! That was really great. I had heard a lot of good things about Kru and I loved it. Especially the sashimi and sushi.. the small plates were good... the deserts were OK. If you love Sashimi and Sushi.. by all means try Kru.. I will be back.

Isn't it funny that being Japanese and this being the cuisine of my homeland, as it were I never go out for Japanese food.. but for sure I'll be back to Kru, even I could taste the difference!

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Unknown said...

Cool. We'll have to do a meetup there soon. I was wondering how the sashimi was. I look forward to trying it.

The sake sounds good too!

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