Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This year it was Chris' turn to cook dinner for our annual Christmas dinner. Now, Chris never knew how to cook.. over the years she's slowly gotten the hang of it. It was once so bad she was hard pressed to boil water. One year we taught her to make a fruit tart..she will never live this down. I told her to make it easy just buy a tube of ready made sugar cookie dough and roll it out and put it in the tart pan. I also gave her some pie weights so she could blind bake the crust. I have my pie weights in a zip lock bag and told her after she got the dough in the pan, put a piece of foil on top and put the pie weights in and bake. I get a call from her telling me she got the dough in the pan but if she puts the bag of pie weights in won't the plastic melt? I about died laughing, I didn't think I had to tell her to dump the pie weights out of the bag onto the pie crust. She also used the whole tube of cookie dough not just enough to make a nice crust. We have pictures of her trying to cut the crust with a cleaver since it was so thick.. hilarious. This year Chris out did herself! She did southern food.. fried pork chops, collard greens, corn pudding, candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, salad and a terrine of grilled vegetables (a Hidden Kitchen recipe). Everything turn out so well, and it was delicious. Usually Sue and I have to go over early and help her get her dinner together. This year I called her around 5 and she said she had it all together and sounded calm and collected. sparkling wine and cranberry cocktails and a toast to all of us
The appetizer table.
The dinner table
Sue and Chris with the Terrine and the salad
The pork chops
The corn pudding
Collards and mashed potatoes and yams
Chris made so much food! There were only 5 of us and I think there was enough food for 20. That was good since there were lots of left overs to take home.
After we pigged out on dinner we opened gifts which is always an event. I don't have pictures of that since my batteries were running low.
Then of course it was time for desert.. make your own banana splits.

What a fun evening and loud! We tend to get extremely loud when we get together plus a lot of laughter. It was fun seeing everyone and getting early Christmas gifts. I think we were all in a food coma after all that food, but it was worth it..


Rajesh &Shankari said...

That sounds like loads of fun. Tell Sue I said hi to her

Unknown said...

What fun you guys have! It all looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eileen, it was my pleasure cooking for all of you for Christmas 08 and thanks for the great review, but you could have done w/o the intro...LOL! Well, it just shows that I learned a lot from you and Sue thru the years...thanks for all the home economic training!!!

Anonymous said...

the pot stickers look burnt and what the hell is with that lamp, maybe a Goodwill reject. lol

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