Friday, October 31, 2008


Today seemed like a good day to make soup. It was rainy, not cold but rainy days always makes me want to bake or cook. I think because on rainy weekends my Dad used to like to bake bread or cook stews or something like that. I guess because it was the one time there wasn't something he had to do. So when it rains it reminds me of the times we spent in the kitchen making dough for bread or baking cookies or making stews or some such thing. I miss my dad. He passed away a good 30 years ago but when it begins to rain it reminds me of him and I need to cook or bake. So today seemed like a good day for soup. I had a package of stew meat in the freezer and a bunch of odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge. There is no recipe other than 2 boxes (4 Cups) of beef stock. I just diced my stew meat and browned it added a diced onion to caramelize and some minced garlic. The 2 boxes of beef stock (if your ambitious you can add your home made stock)and about a cup of tomato sauce and let the meat cook or braise until almost tender. I then went through the fridge and found some Kale, carrots, celery, potatoes, zucchini and a small can of kidney beans. I julienned the kale and let that cook until tender, added the celery, carrots and potatoes and cooked until tender then added the diced zucchini and the kidney beans. Simmered until everything was tender. Seasoned to taste. Serve with garlic bread.. YUM! It would be good also if you topped the soup with some grated Swiss or Parmesan cheese.

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Unknown said...

That really looks great. I love soup sooooo much. You need some chili??

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