Monday, November 3, 2008


Who'd a thunk that inside a hardware store you would find a very unique kitchen shop. Hollywood hardware has been at the Freeport Blvd. location for as long as I can remember. It was our "go to" hardware store since I was a kid- and you know how long ago that was. I've known for years that they carried a wide array of kitchen gadgets and accessories but it just currently occurred to me that most people may not. Teri (that's her back there), whose father owns the store is the one responsible for this little niche. She was in there today setting up a display (she was camera shy) and said she's been trying to get the word out that this section is in the store. They have everything from apple corers to spatulas to dish towels to anything else you can imagine. They have the latest silicone bake ware, Mario Batlai items, unique spoons and gadgets.. all kinds of candles, colorful bowls, cutting boards etc.
This is my go to store when I'm looking for something a little different, something not found in the usual cookware stores. Of course they have normal everyday colanders, spatulas etc. also. Color is the key here.. everything is bright and colorful.
Next time your driving down Freeport and you need a key made or some paint or nails or whatever stop by and go check out the cookware section..heck just go checkout the cookware section even if you don't need anything else, it's a fun place to browse. What a concept huh? Your husband can browse all the hardware items and you can go check out the latest cookware gadget. I'm anxious to go back in a month or so to see what other goodies have been added. Teri says it is still a work in progress and it will only get better. I know if your like me and love kitchen ware you will love this little gem.

Hollywood Hardware Store

5303 Freeport Blvd

916 455-6488

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