Monday, September 1, 2008


Whoo Hoo! I found a place I can afford!!! Plus it's in Freeport just down the river so it's about 10 minutes away as opposed to 20-30 minutes where they are now. It's a fairly new place, just been open a year so the owner is learning as he's going along. There are about 15 horses there now and they all look happy and healthy. Since there will be both my 4 horses and Faith's 2 there is a whole area he said we could have to ourselves. He is going to put up a couple more shelters for us. He also said we could use our own panels and things to make it the way we want it. We also reserved 2 spaces in the barn for the winter for Faith's old guy and my old lady. It costs a bit more but I'll feel better with Athena in a more protected environment during the winter months. The rest of the herd is fine as long as there is shelter.. if it gets really cold like they are predicting I have horse blankets for all of them. It's a very nice place..lots of room to ride. Maybe now I'll have time to ride instead of spending my Saturday cleaning stalls. Which will be so nice, everything will be done, hay provided etc. Both Faith and I are relieved. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with all my stuff I have in her tack room. I think we are going to have a garage sale, I have so much stuff I don't need.
I'll be posting pictures in a few months after we get settled.


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