Saturday, August 30, 2008


I am in the process of looking for a new home for my 4 babies(horses). My girlfriend who has been boarding my horses for the last 10 or more years signed papers to sell her property.. AHHHH! where are my babies going to go, what is to become of them???? Well, I e-mailed Ride to Walk and offered up my 26 yr old for donation crying the whole time..I haven't heard from them, thank goodness. I can't imagine getting rid of any of my horses. They are all old.. 26, 2o, 19, 17.. they are pretty much pets at this point. My friend and I went around today to see what was available and at what price.. well, so far as I can tell I can't afford anything. Unless I want to put them out in a pasture with no shelter.. my poor babies wouldn't know what to do having to stand out in the rain and wind come Winter. I have one stable to look at tomorrow which is close to where I live that I'm hoping is nice and I can put them there. My friend who is selling her property is also going to go with me since she works across from the Executive airport and wants to move closer to work. I'm hoping that this is a nice place because from their website the price is within reason.. I don't want to downsize my babies. I've been stressing about this since my friend told me she signed papers. I have at least 60 days but I think she wants the horses out earlier so she can deal with packing and moving. Wish me luck finding an affordable place that is close to home... the one I'm looking at tomorrow...

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Unknown said... got 60 days just like Corti's! I am hoping you find a good home for them. Maybe you could find a nice place that you can barter the price..."free catering once a month"...:)

I know how much you love your babies.

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