Friday, August 29, 2008


Whew! I have 2 birthday cakes due on Sunday morning.. not a big deal but I tend to stress that nothing is going to turn out. These are 2 birthday cakes for 2 sisters. One is a quarter sheet cake, chocolate with chocolate cream filling and whipped cream frosting and a "Hawaiian" flower theme. I made some Hibiscus flowers to put on the cake..nothing fancy. The other is a 9" round Power Puff Girls 9" carrot cake w/ creamed cheese frosting. Easy.
Well, the cakes are baked.. the chocolate cake is fine.. the carrot cake kind of didn't come out of the pan very well... but we can turn what was to be the top into the bottom. One thing I need to turn the oven on to bake a cake. DUH... but after about 10 min. I looked in on the carrot cake and it wasn't doing a thing..turns out after I baked the chocolate cake I turned off the oven..but it all worked out. Ok, it's a little early to bake the cakes normally but tomorrow I have to run around and look for a new stable for my horses. My friend had her place up for sale but decided she wasn't getting the price she wanted so took it off the market.. she got an offer the other day and at first turned it down but then decided on the spur of the moment to take the offer... so now I have to find a home for my 4 horses at a place that I can afford. Anyway, that's why the cakes were baked tonight, the carrot cake will be frosted tomorrow night and the chocolate cake Sunday morning and both will be picked up around 9:30 on Sunday morning.. guess no sleeping in. At least these are easy cakes, nothing intricate.
Pictures will be posted later.

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