Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wow, I hadn't been to East Bay before. Today they are having their 2nd Annual Summer Culinary Expo. I got there a little after 10 this morning and it was packed..I got lucky and got a spot in front right next the barbecue spot. I actually got parked without driving over any barbecue equipment, so I knew it was going to be a good day. Inside I don't think I really looked at much of the stock, I was too busy eating. As you walked in the front door Greenleaf artisanal and specialties had a booth with artisanal cheeses, and fruits. Alarcon Catering (Mexican Gourmet) had a variety canapes. Bubba's Rubs(Mark Johanson-888-608-4788) had bites of chicken with his rub, which he was giving away. His rub is delicious. Cake Box (Musarrat Afshan-916 952-3043) was there with her beautiful cakes, which were also delicious. Annabelle's Chocolate Lounge ( had samples of chocolate and caramels, Waiting For You!(Regina Drumgoole- 916 231-3632) had fried chicken, cornbread, greens,sweet potatoes, mac and cheese and peach cobbler. This was my favorite..everything was wonderful!
Whole Foods had little appetizers, Babycakes Bakery(3675 J st. 451-8775) had several kinds of little cupcakes, Oz Korean BBQ (362-9292, 3343 Bradshaw Rd) had tasting of Bul-Go-gi, teriyaki beef and I think chicken. Old Soul Co. had their wonderful coffee and iced tea. Bella Bru had their breads plus they had a table with Italian jams..Rigoni de Asiago. They were delicious and Nugget, and Whole Foods carry the brand. They also had espresso showcasing the machines they sell, pizza, showcasing one of their ovens.
I did buy a few things but what I really wanted was the 6 burner stove from Wolf that they had on sale.. it was less than I paid for my 4 burner that I have now.. but I'd have to redo my stove area since it isn't a drop in plus the BTU's are higher but my husband said he ran a larger gas line for our existing stove so it would accommodate the BTU's.. Oh well, I don't want to go through another remodeling no matter how small. It was fun wandering around there... I'm going to have to go back again soon, maybe take a class.. I did manage to back out of my parking spot without taking out any barbecues or trucks or trash cans..with the help of one of the guys out there.. Indeed a good day.


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