Friday, July 18, 2008


I took my granddaughter to a Jonas Brothers concert on Wednesday night.. Teeny Bopper Heaven. The Jonas Brothers for those of you who have been living under a rock are 3 adorable brothers who are the Teeny Bopper heart throbs right now. I have to admit they are cute! and very talented. Makes me wish (kind of) that I was about 40 years younger. They put on a great concert, their music is pretty good, not too much "bubble gum". I didn't get bored at the concert either. I have to wonder if our parents thought the same thing looking at us at our budding puberty that we were trying to be older than we actually were.. I'm sure they did. These kids ranged from about 8 to about 16 or so. For the most part the kids looked pretty much like kids but there were a few...Ho's in the making! One little girl who couldn't be more than 1o or 11 who had on false eyelashes. Lots of makeup on little girls, short short skirts or shorts, and the older girls looked like they have already had boob jobs! I guess I'm really getting old.. I know at that age I wanted to be older but at 10 there was no make-up and even at High School age no boob job! It was amazing to me and a little sad that that these little girls are growing up too quickly.
But, I have to say they acted like I always acted at a concert... screaming, jumping up and down etc.. OK, so we girls get carried away with a cute "Guy Band".

Here are some pictures from the concert.

opening act Demi Lovato she's in the movie Camp Rock on Disney...

My granddaughter's fav Jonas-Kevin

My fav Jonas- Joe- cute!

They are all cute.. talented.. there are 3 of them but the oldest isn't usually showcased as are the two others.

Like I said, good concert even for this old Gandma.

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