Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheffery's American Bistro

This was our (Sue and I) second visit to this restaurant on Arden/Edison. It is in a strip across the street from Whole Food in the same complex as Winelli's Pizza.. it is very good. We love the Sweet Potato Fries and the Buffalo Calamari. The fries are crisp and yummy and the calamari is fried and comes with a Buffalo sauce.. the fries are good dipped into that sauce also. I had the Beef Ribs which were very tender and tasty, T had the chicken Fettuchini which was very good and rich. I don't remember what Sue had..I think the Steak Sandwich-- but she liked it..I want to try their hamburger.. it sounds good. They have deserts made off premise.. the cupcakes are made at the cupcake place at Howe About Arden and they aren't very good.. tastes very commercial.. not home made. Not very good, but the Tuxedo cake was great. We haven't had a bad meal there yet.. a small place but so far everything we've tried (other than the cupcakes) has been very good.
Cheffery's American Bistro
4235 Arden Wy
916 488-CHEF

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Ms. Munchie said...

typo in your title

Eileen and Karen said...

Thanks for proof reading for me

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