Friday, July 18, 2008


I told you I got the T-Mobile phone..well, for me it didn't work. I have my Internet through AT&T and so when they switched my # over to T-Mobile my Internet was cut off too. That meant I couldn't connect to the T-Mobile router..which I couldn't anyway because in order to have DSL I had to plug my phone line into the modem. I spent a whole day talking to Tech support for T-M but couldn't get them to understand this. Needless to say I returned the router to T-M and called AT&T and reinstated my phone service. But, since I did it the day after they cut off my phone service I couldn't get my old # back until the work order went through (7 days) so I have to wait until next week to do that. In the mean time I had no Internet service because it take longer for them to connect the Internet for some reason.. so FINALLY!!! I'm back online for a few days until I switch back to my old # then I'm offline again next week while they switch phone #s. What a pain!. I've learned that if you have a stand alone Internet service such as Comcast or Hugesnet your fine and you can connect to the T-M phone but if you have Internet though the phone company forget it unless you switch to just Internet service through AT&T and I don't know if that is possible. Also with T-M you have to register your home address for 911 so if you ever move you need to update that or if you call 911 they will go to whatever address they have on file. It was a good idea, unfortunately it didn't work for me, just gave me a big headache. I've discovered I'm more an Internet junky than I thought! Being offline for several days was killing me. I couldn't e-mail, couldn't check my bank account, couldn't do some of my business operations.. I'm so glad I'm back but am dreading being offline again next week.. so if anyone of you wonder what happened to me.. now you know. If you need to you can always call me on my cell at 916 396-1691

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