Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Went over to Mel's( Cooking Schmooking..No Problem ) tonight for a Mac and Cheese tasting. She had a few "foodies" over to taste her creations. Mel has entered the Tillamook Cheese Mac and Cheese contest. She and Dave have been eating a lot of Mac and Cheese so we were invited over to critique her four dishes. She had a Chili Mac, A Ruben, A Goat Cheese/spinach, and a Deelux Cheeseburger Mac. They were all good, it was hard to choose. We started with the Chili Mac.. Dave's Chili topped with Macaroni with several different cheeses.. spicy and good. The Goat Cheese with spinach was good though it needed a little more goat cheese and Bechemel sauce. The Reuben was a winner.. corned been shredded into the mac and cheese and a secret ingredient that gave it the right pop of flavor. We thought it needed more caraway seeds. The favorite of mine was the Deelux Cheeseburger Mac. It was made with ground buffalo and all the ingredients of a burger.. and of course lots of cheese. I really liked that one. There was also a green salad that Ann made that was a great palate cleanser. Lots of wine, champagne and beer. Oh..fruits too. I'm not sure exactly what the consensus was.. but Mel can submit 3 recipes. I also brought home some of each Mac and Cheese so I'm in Mac heaven for a couple of days. It was fun, I hope she has us over for a final tasting when she has it refined for submission. YUM!!

Thanks Mel, that was fun! Good luck!


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Rajesh &Shankari said...

Wow! I have only had mac and cheese from the blue box :(

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