Sunday, June 1, 2008


Today was the food blogger's potluck, it was so nice meeting everyone and putting faces with blogs. Everyone did a wonderful job on the food!! There was a wide variety of appetizer, salads, main dishes and deserts.
Thank you Garret and Elise for putting on this event and being such gracious hosts. The backyard of Elise's home was huge with every kind of fruit tree imaginable plus her herb and vegetable garden. The day was perfect for an out door potluck.
Some of the foods were the meatballs w/ peanut sauce, little stuffed potatoes, prosciutto wrapped marinated asparagus, my chicken salad, a quinoa salad, brown rice salad, a salt cod (I think) dish, barbecued duck, duck sausage, antelope, a Filipino cake called San Rival, chocolate/chili torte, strawberry rhubarb terrine,and a lot of other things I know I ate but don't remember what they were.. there was a lot of food.. all so good.
Here are some pictures of the wonderful food...

Here are the blogs of some of the people I met, there were quite a few I didn't get to meet and talk to.. hopefully next time.

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