Saturday, June 21, 2008


OK so it's not so much I can't relate, it's I have been lucky in the fact that I haven't had to be in the position of not having money for expensive dinners or what ever.
Garret Vanilla Garlic had written a piece regarding eating well in your 20's. Unfortunately or fortunately I didn't have that dilemma. 1) I'm Asian and it is expected you go to college, not if, where.
2) your parents pay for all your college expenses. If you worked that money was just for your entertainment, not books, classes or anything related to school. I think it's a cultural thing we didn't worry about paying for school, books or anyting else. Another thing, I got married early, at least for this day and age. I was married at 21 and my husband had a good income and so we didn't worry about where or what we ate. Yes, we had some tough times but nothing like not being able to go to dinner where and when we wanted. Now, luckily we can go to dinner at the best restaurants BUT.... I think that makes us jaded. I love French Laundry which for most people is a once in a lifetime experience, while I've been there several times. We are going to The Kitchen for our birthdays(my 2 friends and I ) and then later in the year I'm taking my sister and husband for my sister's 50th birthday. While this is all well and fine maybe we should have had to experience having to pay our own way when we were young. My friends and I go to dinner and I don't think we appreciate restaurants or the experience as we should anymore. It's almost as if nothing lives up to expectations. This is just from my perspective, it may not even be the the perspective of my friends.



Unknown said...

I am jealous..of you in your twenties.

Dave and I could go out to restaurants more..but we both love to cook so we stay home lots. I'd rather spend the money on great ingredients and make it myself.

That being said, we are very excited when we dine out. It is a special occasion and we are so proud of ourselves when we do it. "Wow, we went out amongst the people!"

Unknown said...

I'm with Mel. Jealous. ;)

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