Friday, June 20, 2008

Sacramento Comedy Spot

Got home a little while ago from the Comedy Spot, a small storefront on Broadway turned into a comedy club. Greg Sabin The Sac Rag: Sacramento News, Gossip & Snark was one of the members of the comedy troupe. Very talented guy.. I knew he could play music but I had no idea he had such a comedic flair. The whole troupe was very talented. All were very quick when they were doing their improv. Mel of Cooking Schmooking..No Problem had invited me to go with her to watch the show. We ended up leaving half way through their second routine because it was so hot in there. They don't have air conditioning yet.. soon to come. I think we were both having hot flashes on top of it all. I had a good time and would like to catch another show after the air conditioning is in.
Check out Sacramento Comedy Spot to see when Greg is playing again and catch the show.. be warned it is a very small venue.. but they had a packed house tonight. A fun time.

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Unknown said...

I thought it was amazing that we stayed till 10:30! They are a talented group. I had fun.

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