Sunday, April 20, 2008


We tried the China Buffet for dinner tonight since I had heard a lot of good comments about the food. It is on Broadway where the old Dynasty used to be for ages.
There is a large selection of dishes which proved to be very tasty. There is some kind of a grill where they grill fresh fish and vegetables for you, I remember a sign that said Spanish mackerel and another fish were on the menu this evening. There is a small sushi bar with about a half dozen types of sushi and rolls. The salads and cold foods were on 2 stations the usual fare along with cold shrimp, seafood salad,and muscles. The hot foods were the usual broccoli beef, fried rice,chow mien, sweet and sour etc. There was a large seafood selection.. salt and pepper dungeness crab, snow crab, cheese topped muscles (sounded too weird for me), salt and pepper shrimp, fried shrimp, fish, frog legs (tasted like chicken), a few variety of dim sum, vegetables, soups, and desert..about 3 stations of hot foods. Deserts were some kind of cake roll, macaroons,palmiers(I think that's what they are called), cream puffs, a coconut cake and a chocolate cake and soft serve ice cream with a few toppings (amazing how I can remember deserts huh?).
My favorites were the dim sum, especially the pot stickers. The salt and pepper dungeness crab.. kind of hard to eat but good, salt and pepper shrimp, black bean clams, the asparagus which was hot asparagus with what tasted like bottled Cesar dressing and topped with melted cheese.. I was a little skeptical but it was good. The fried chicken wings were good and the roasted duck which I thought tasted like wild duck(which I love). I know I tried some other things but those are the ones which I liked the best. I probably didn't even try a 1/4 of all the dishes. Deserts were not worth trying (of course I did). I have no idea what my husband had but he thought it was pretty good, he's not a big buffet fan, especially of Chinese food. For the price it's really reasonable. I think it was around $12.00 a person for dinner. The busboy was so cute, he'd thank us every time he came by to clear the used plates.. which was quite often. We never had plates stacked up on the table as is often the case at a lot of buffets. The hot food seemed to be replace quickly when they got low so that is probably why things seemed a lot fresher than usual. All in all it was quite good and I'd go back. I've been told to go early when the crab legs of the snow crab are large, I guess as the evening goes on they get smaller.

China Buffet
1402 Broadway
Sacramento CA 95818

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Unknown said...

I just don't do buffets. After reading "Kitchen Confidential" by Tony Bourdain..can't do it.

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