Saturday, April 19, 2008


What a concept huh? I bet you didn't know that I wasn't perfect... pretty hard to believe. Well, I'm going to reveal the night I had to make a reservation to get to San Diego in the morning for the birth of my new grandchild.. Not a pretty story.
Charlie and I went to dinner that evening at Mulvaney's had a couple glasses of wine and had a wonderful dinner. In the middle of dinner Charlie's friend called and said he was having dinner at the Riverside Clubhouse and would be at Scott's later. We told him we would meet him at Scott's after dinner. We headed over to Scott's on the river after dinner and I had a Lemon Drop and some desert while we waited for Dan and his friend. They arrived around 9 and we had drinks and drinks and I have no idea what time we left, I was buzzed but not really drunk until.. did you know once you hit fresh air it all goes to hell? We walked outside and by the time I got home (2 blocks) I was so drunk that when Summer called around 1 am. I just told her I'd be there and then her mother in law called and I had to confess that i was blitzed and didn't know what the hell I was talking about. She was cracking up and said she'd meet me at the airport at 7 am in the morning. Did you ever try to book a flight online when you can't think, see or put a coherent thought together.. it doesn't work let me tell you. So I ended up calling South West and booking the flight.. I then put on clothes and went to bed in order to get up again at 4:30am... and sometime in between I woke up in the bathroom on the floor with the dogs sleeping next to me.. Oh god! I made it to the airport.. don't ask me how, I think Charlie was just as bad... thank goodness I was packed for a week already.. just picked up the suitcase and left... my mouth was so dry I couldn't even talk .. never again! Thank goodness for all the coffee during the flight, at least by the time we landed in San Diego I was pretty much sober. I've been kicking myself ever since for being so stupid as to to that at such a critical time... thank goodness I made it to San Diego to see my new granddaughter. Never going to get drunk again... just way too old for that shit.


Unknown said...

It's happened to the best of us. Forgive yourself and forget it. You made it to SD! I've got to try Scott's lemon drop!

Eileen and Karen said...

actually the Lemon Drops at Bandera's are a lot better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen - I thought your story was pretty funny! I have done that several times (probably shouldn't admit) but it sounds like everything worked out ok...why punish yourself when the hangover will do it for you?


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