Sunday, March 16, 2008


I decided I needed to watch this and see if there was anything new to this "Revolutionary Weight Loss Program". It is on the TLC channel and started tonight. The diet "guru" for this show is and Englishman named Paul McKenna. Since I need to loose about 20lbs or more I thought I'd see what was so revolutionary, nothing actually. The 4 main points tonight were:
1. When your hungry eat. Know the difference between actual hunger and emotional hunger

2. Eat what ever you want

3. Eat Consciously, eat slowly, put the knife and fork down between bites, chew at least 20 times, sit on your hands if need be so you don't eat too fast. If drinking alcoholic beverages with a meal, drink after your done eating.

4. When you think you are full STOP eating.

Sounds simple enough... I don't know what the next few weeks will entail but it might be interesting to watch and find out. Maybe this "diet" will make sense.

check out I Can Make You Thin : TLC

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Unknown said...

He was on Ellen yesterday. I found myself tapping my cheekbones, colarbone, and back of the he instructed.

Hmmm. Fewer calories, more exercise, be conscious of eating and eat slow. I can do that..I haven't, but I can.

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