Sunday, February 10, 2008


OK I know, Chevy's not really authentic Mexican Food. Now it's even less Mexican Mexican food. I used to love Chevy's...especially their chips and salsa. We went tonight after not being there for a while, what a disappointment. The chips and salsa were still good but my usual favorite was just not what it used to be. I usually get the Chili Relleno, tonight the chili was undercooked.. still a little too crunchy. The rice was salty and even their signature blob of that cornmeal stuff wasn't very good. Charlie had the combo plate.. beef and chicken fajita and ribs, rice, beans. Ribs? They have tried to update their menu and added things that are really strange.
Now the food tastes really like a chain restaurant. Don't bother with the Margarita, especially if you want something alcoholic.. I don't think they put any in there. Better off getting a beer.
Oh well, guess we'll just go for the chips and salsa and bucket of beer.

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Rajesh &Shankari said...

You should come to Folsom and try La fiesta Tacqueria.Rajesh and I both like the place.

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