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"CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY is a technique where a practitioner uses a featherweight touch to test restrictions of the cranial system. There is a mild cranial rhythm or pulse that can be felt along the cranial sutures. The normal rate is 8-12 beats per minute. When there is tension or stress at certain points in the body, the membranes are being pulled. Therefore, the body may be out of synchronization, causing ill health."
A couple of weeks ago I went to a Sacralcranio class at the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op. It just sounded interesting since it said it was for chronic pain, anxiety,migrains, mental imbalances. My girlfriend suffers from most of these things especially chronic pain so I dragged her with me. It was a free class so what the heck. The instructor was Sharon Araki a Sacrocranial therapist. She explained what it was all about and how it worked. I have been suffering from my hands going numb and tingling. I've been to the doctor who said it was a vascular problem and to exercise, take low dose asprin, drink plenty of water... and what is that going to do? I've been doing all that already. I've been seeing Bert my holistic vet. but this time nothing was working. My hands tingled, my fingertips would get ice cold, my hands would ache. That is not good when I do a lot of cooking. After the class I was skeptical but the more I thought about it I decided to give it a try, what could I loose? I called Sharon and had an appointment for the following week.
Sharon's office is located at 35th & J she shares an office with several other Holistic practioners.
After entering the therapy room Sharon had me fill out the usual form of personal information and then asked me a little about my health and if I had had any injuries.. I started laughing, where should I start? I've been kicked, stepped on, bitten (in unusual places) probably broken my tail bone a zillion times (I would fall on my butt every time I fell off the horse),knocked over, run over, fractured my collar bone etc. etc. etc. Plus other various childhood injuries. Amazingly there were no mental traumas. Sharon just looked at me like she couldn't believe anyone survived all these years of physical trauma. So, she had me lay down on the table which is coverd with a Amethysist Bio-Mat.. I don't really know what that is but it is warm and comfy. I lay down fully clothed and Sharon placed both my feet in each hand and kind of lifted my legs alternating lifting one then the other very gently. Then kind of pulled my legs straight out. She then put one hand under my tail bone and one hand at the base of my skull. She gently put pressure on both areas and just kept doing that for a while. Then she moved her hands under my shoulder and lower back and did the same thing just gentle pressure working her way around my body. I have to say that was the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. I don't relax easily and even when getting a massage, it is relaxing but someone is always pushing, pulling, kneading you... this was just quiet gentle pressure, very uninvasive. There is quiet soothiing music playing and the whole experience is very soothing. As the "adhesions" loosened up you hear gurgleing sound (like your hungry) or you involuntarily sigh, it's weird but it happens. When Sharon was done and I sat up I was so relaxed and just mentally felt better. And you know what? My hands feel better. They don't get as cold and ache and they don't get numb as often. I went again yesterday and when she lifted my legs she said my spine had opened up a lot and was surprised that after one session my hands were better. After going through the routine she did a few other movements to get me back in alignment and again I was in total relaxation. As I told her, it was worth it to me just to have this time to totally relax even if it doesn't cure anything. She loosened me up a lot this session and said for the next couple of days I may feel achy like I have the flu but it is just my body working to cure itself. And yes I do feel a little achy but my hands feel a little bit better. The sessions have been about an hour and a half of pure bliss. I think I found something actually better than sex ; )
I have another appointment after I get back from Hawaii... and I can't wait. I'll be updating you on the progress or not of my hands as well as usual aches and pains.
cranial sacral therapy - Holistic Junction check out this site if your interested in further information on this therapy. If interested give Sharon a call-

A Sense of Touch
Sharon Y. Araki, CMT
3560 J St. ste.4
916 456-6672
Sacramento Ca 95814

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