Sunday, January 20, 2008


I was reading in the paper about the further deforestation of the rain forests in Borneo, Indonesia Sumatra and other places for the production of Biofuel... they are cutting down the rain forests to plant palms for the palm oil to make the biofuels. They had a picture of a bunch of baby Orangutans who had been orphaned because their mothers were killed in the deforestation. "Today this jungle is being leveled and it's great apes captured, killed and orphaned to grow palm oil, a plantation crop refined into biofuel for environmentally conscious consumers in Europe and the United States." Eviromnmentally Conscious.. is that an oxymoron or what? There is something fundamentally wrong when rain forests, animals and the environment of 3rd world countries are being destroyed by the environmentally conscious people of the US and Europe. We can make biofuel out of used frying oil, corn, soybeans things that don't destroy rain forests, orphan animals and destroy natural habitat.
Yes, my husband hunts, kills animals but hunters are the worlds best conservationists.. if they weren't there would be no animals for them to hunt. Where are the conservationists in this pursuit of biofuel? It just makes me furious that animals and the indigenous people of these countries are the one who have to suffer for our great greed for fuel.. yes I know, we need our cars and our fuel and of course biofuel is the best way to go since we will probably run out of fossil fuel in the near future. I think they have to come up with something that doesn't threaten the future of other species and environments. We will have our biofuel but in the end is it worth the loss of other precious natural resources?

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