Sunday, January 20, 2008


So here we are again at Gianni's Trattoria.. We are meeting friend for dinner this evening. I told you that things are better on Sunday night, even to the fact that you can get a seat anywhere in the restaurant.. not a whole lot of business on a Sunday night. Actually there isn't a whole lot of business downtown on a Sunday night. As we cruised down 16th street.. Pronto was totally empty, Nishiki was slow as was 33rd Street Bistro, Mikuni, PF Changs, on J stLucca, Kru, etc. The only one doing a lot of business was the newly opened Chicago Fire Pizza .. they were packed. OK back to Gianni's. We started out with the Calamari as usual and the Anitpasto platter... both were excellent. I of course had the Pumpkin Gnocchi because I had to prove to myself that Tuesday night was a fluke.. and it was. Charlie and Manuel had the Veal Scallopini and Patricia had the Tortellini. We also had the Scalloped Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts and the Duck Risotto.
I told the waiter that I was going to try the Gnocchi again because Tuesday (his only day off) was such a disappointment. It was delicious.. light, fluffy, just as it should be. Charlie and Manuel said the Scallopini was delicious as was Patricia's Tortellini. The Cauliflower was really good the Brussel Sprouts were good, but needed more salt. The Risotto was good but it was kind of luke warm. I think I like the Risotto that is on the menu better. Yes we had tons of food and I also ordered an order of the Gnocchi to go to take to Sue so I can prove to her that it really does taste good.. I'll get the verdict on Tues. when I see her.
Everything was great tonight as always.. Go to dinner on Sunday night.. great food, great service.

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