Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I got a call today from Safetyville USA the place on Bradshaw that looks like a little town. The woman said they have an annual wine and food tasting fund raiser in May and wanted to know if we would be interested in participating. She said she had some information so she could send it to me. I told her that would be fine and gave her my address. It took her at least 4 tries to get it right. 5405.. her: 64... no, 5..4..0...5, OK got that . D..O..R..S...E....T ...Her: D O..what was that? R Oh, Laughing she finally got it. She said it was because it was the end of the day.. well, it was 3:30 but I don't think that's the end of the day, at least not in my world.. So, we got the address, she knew what city we were in and zip code was fairly easy. Now she wanted my name..Oh brother that was quite a chore.
her:Ileen... No, E..I...L Her: ELI .. no.. E..I...L..E...E...N Her: E...I... uh... OK say it with me now... EILEEN.. OK GOT IT! Thornton... T..H..O..R.. her : T..H..O..R...T.. No.. there is an N in there ..huh? OK again with me now.. the N? OK I get it..T..O..N. OH! Ha Ha.... YES!!!
By now we are both laughing because it is so ridiculous.. Well, we'll see if I receive anything.. who knows where it may end up.
Why do they let people who either can't hear or can't spell even use the phone let alone try to solicit vendors for a fund raiser. I wonder if she can spell Just the 2 of Us?

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