Friday, January 25, 2008


To recap: Kodi is the dog that has a ruptured disc and as a consequense had lost all mobility and feeling in his hind end. He went to see Dr. Bert Brooks of Cache Creek Holistic Veterinary Service on the 18th. Up to this point Kodi could not get up at all, if he got himself up into a sitting position he would just fall over. I got an e-mail from Katherine (Kodi's human) saying that last night during dinner she noticed Kodi sit up. She thought that as usual he would just flop over off his bed. This time he scooted himself off the bed using his front legs. She was so excited she got up and encouraged him and he scotted himself on his butt all the way to the sun room over the doorway and to his water bowl,( which she has elevated on a little table to make it easier for him to drink) and got a drink of water. He was exhausted after all that effort but he had scooted himself about 25'. Before this he would just scoot himself backwards with no ability to move himself where he wanted to go. WOW! What a great improvement! He has had trouble controling his bowels and bladder but that day he did not have a poop accident though he did wet his bed.. but hey that's so much better. Kodi weighs about 65lbs just a few pounds less than Katherine..she's tiny. She has been lifting him by a special harness into the bathtub everytime he soiled himself, when he needed to go to bed, everytime that he needed to be moved. I helped her get him in the car to go to see Dr. Brooks and I will tell you he is heavy.

I really believe in the near future, he will be up and walking around. I'll keep you informed. check out his home page... yes it's not conventional medicine but you know what, it works.
He is licensed to work on humans and I am here to tell you I use him regularly as do all my pets.

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Rander said...

Poor Kodi!

re: Pupuseria on Freeport. No I have not been there, but I will add it to my list.


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