Wednesday, January 16, 2008


What a disappointment. I had been telling Sue how good everything was at Gianni's, Charlie and I go there quite often on Sunday for dinner and everything has always been good. We went last night (Tuesday) around 8:30pm after shopping. There were a few people in the restaurant and we were there about half an hour before closing. I guess that's too close to closing for the staff. Our waiter was testy, we ordered the calamari and by mistake I ordered the Antipasto rather than the Polenta. Sue caught the mistake and I flagged down our waiter and made the correction... much to his disgruntlement. I mean it's not like they had started assembling the Antipasto plate already. Our waiter came back to take our entree order and informed us that if we wanted desert that we better order it now because the desert person was leaving.
As I said we had the Calamari and the Polenta with mushrooms and crispy sausage. The Calamari is great, Calamari in a great tomato sauce... great for dipping the bread in. The Creamy Polenta was so good! I think a great comfort food. Sue wasn't so impressed with it but I love things like that, oatmeal, grits, warm creamy soothing food. Sue ordered the Pumpkin Gnocchi which I had had before and it was delicious. This time I think the kitchen was in a hurry to get the plates out and go home. Both the gnocchi and my ravioli were under cooked. I guess that's what was wrong with the gnocchi. It was hard and doughy not light and tender. My ravioli while good (mushroom and goat cheese) was also on the under cooked side. Sue told the waiter that the gnocchi was uneatable because it was so doughy. He was just disgusted.. I think he was afraid that that she would want something in it's place and the kitchen would not be happy as he didn't even offer her another dish in exchange. She just wanted him to take it way which he did with a bad attitude. Mine was not that bad, just the edges were kind of hard.. the flavor was great though. He brought our deserts which were great. Now we had to sit and wait for him to reappear so we could pay our bill and get out of there.. which I thought was his major effort. The hits were the bread, the calamari, the polenta and desert.
I kept telling Sue how good it was and then we go there and it is a total disappointment.. I'll go on Sundays.. totally different wait staff and they are always great.. plus they know us by now.

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