Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Some of you might be familiar with Kobasic's Candies, it's located on Riverside Blvd, in a kind of mini strip mall in a residential neighborhood. Before it was Kobasic's way back in the day it was Popular Market and then it morphed into Jim's Market and maybe something else after that. I think Jim is the same Jim that now has Kobasic's. Jim and Marilyn Kobasic opened the shop in 2003. All the candies there are made on site from top notch ingredients, just like you would make at home and they are wonderful.
I try not to go there too often but I stopped by today and bought some of their Vanilla Caramel. It is to die for.. buttery, soft, chewy-without sticking to your teeth, really good. They carry a wide variety of chocolates, and sugar free chocolates. Their sugar free Kruffles are excellent. They are rich chocolate truffles that you would never know were sugar free. I haven't tried any of the other sugar free candies there but I'm sure they are just as good. I buy the sugar free when I'm feeling like I need chocolate but want to be good about it.
They have salt water taffy which is my father-in-laws favorite and peanut brittle which is my granddaughters favorite. I think as of right now those caramels have my vote.
The candies can be bought by the piece or you can make up your own box of favorites. Plus they have lot of cute containers to put
all the candies into. I really didn't look at all the items in the store, I had one goal candy.. just headed to the case and that's where I put all my focus.
It is just an old fashion candy shop with the best candies, I think.

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