Thursday, November 1, 2007


More Pasta!! We had another cooking class with Franca at the Co-op- filled pastas. We made Tortellini and Raviolis. Tortellini had a filling of Prosciutto, ground turkey, ground pork , Parmesan cheese and a few other ingredients. Boy are they time consuming. Basically after you make the pasta dough and roll it out you have to take a cutter and cut the pasta sheet into squares and put a little bit of the filling in and then shape them.. It is pretty much like making Won Ton only about 3 time smaller.. she figured if you were making Tortellini for 6 it would take about 2 hours. At that rate I figured each person would get one.
The ravioli had a filling of Spinach, Swiss Chard, Parmesan, Ricotta and egg.. little bit of nutmeg.
That was a lot easier to make and faster. The Tortellini was cooked in a chicken broth.. it was so good. I've never had it that way. The Ravioli had a Butter Sage sauce.. basically butter and sage .. you just put the butter on the ravioli with Parm. She then made tiramisu.. it was so good. She puts hers in the freezer until about an hour before serving then transfers it to the fridge. I boo booed and used too much dough in the pasta machine and she had a fit! She said I ruined the tortellini pasta.. so for punishment I wasn't going to get to eat any.. she was kidding of course but boy, she's pretty intimidating.. I didn't play with trying to make any more pasta for a while. She is a crack up.. a really fun class..

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