Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happiness is taking my mother out to dinner. We took her out to dinner this evening because I didn't want her answering the door to the trick or treaters. Its' getting so that most of the "kids" that show up aren't the cute little ones, they are "big kids". I thought it was too dangerous anymore for her to open the door.

We just wanted to take her to a place close to home and that didn't have anything on the menu that she didn't recognize. We took her to Freeport Inn in the town of Freeport. She loves lamb and that was one of the specials tonight. She was in heaven.
We really should take her out to dinner more often but work, and time restraints plus the fact that I go over every day to check up on her and bring her meals, make sure she has her pills etc. spending more time with her is a stretch.. and it shouldn't be. She eats so well when we go to dinner that I keep saying we need to do it more often.

She ate a lot of the onion rings we started with and most of her salad and most of her entree.. then she had a chocolate sundae which she finished.. I think she ate more than my husband. It's good to see her enjoying her meal.
OK.. I will try to take her to dinner more often, even if I have to tell her 5 times what she ordered.....


Anonymous said...

We love Freeport..we've had brunch there a few times. It's a cozy kinda place.

I love lamb too! Your mom is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

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